A snazzy update to Kaypachatravels!

Since getting started on this site at the beginning of the year I haveĀ receivedĀ a huge amount of support from the travel community. I’ve ‘virtually’ met tons of fantastic bloggers, and listened to advice about SEO, wordpress widgets, and posting.

My original logo was created by the sister of a dear friend of mine, but after some thought I knew I wanted to change it up a bit, and so I recruited some cool peeps to help me out: The Crew over at Hop and Jaunt!

They listened to my ideas, soothed me while I panicked over a drastic change, and totally nailed exactly what I wanted changed in the old header. I think it looks pretty sweet now.

We went from this:

Old Design

To this!!!

The new snazzy header design

I wanted to keep the elements of the design that I liked the same: The Inca designs, The Chakana cross, and me somehow in it with my camera. It just needed someone with fresh skills to change it but still keep the original vision intact. I think they did a great job.

What do you guys think? Do you like the changes? What do you like about the new design, if anything?

A huge Thank You to The Crew, Alyson and John, for putting up with me and giving me something I can now be amazingly proud of.

Travel community: Please let me know what you think!

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Comments (7)

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  1. Federico says:

    Much more cheerful! You now have an orange tone to it too, like I do :) Double thumbs up!

    • Mica says:

      Thank you so much! Sunrise and sunset are two of the best times for photography so either one was gonna work for me :-)

  2. Dude, I like this so much more than the blue. The colour blue SUCKS. Way to lack in the suck and increase the awesome.
    High five.

  3. Kristy says:

    The new design looks great! It definitely stands out a lot more. I love it! I need a cool design like yours.

    • Mica says:

      Thanks! Get in touch with the team over at Hop and Jaunt they can def. help you out!

  4. Lovely, I like the bright colours too, a nice change.