All day hiking, not as hard and twice as beautiful-Lares Trek day 2

***Day 2 Here’s the Lowdown:****

After pausing to admire our surroundings in the early morning mist, we will proceed around Sondor Mountain to a high pass (an altitude of 4440m), from which we will have great photo opportunities: scenic Huacahuasi Lake and snow-capped Veronica Mountain (amongst others!) are visible from the path. After a good morning’s hike, we stop for a quick rest in a living Inca settlement, where many still farm the traditional crop of potatoes in the same way that their ancestors did. We resume our hike upstream to the second pass, Ipasayqocha (4550m), where we will celebrate by making an offering of coca leaves to the Andean Gods. We descend to our campsite near Lake Ipasayqocha for the night.

-After sleeping and feeling quite normal again, we set off on our longest day hike yet. It was so beautiful with us being the only ones around . There were no others on the trek. What amazing pictures and people.

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