Brisas de Titicaca and late nights in Lima!

So after taking a 5 hour bus back to Lima from Ica, I arrived at the hostel to try to take a nap to recover not sleeping much also the night before in Ica. Francis , the owner of the hostel, suggested I see a show called Brisas de Titicaca, a show with traditional Peruvian dances and food. This show was like no other I’d ever seen-there were so many people partying with their families and dancing and totally enjoying themselves. I had a Pisco sour and was promptly adopted by the family that occupied 2 tables next to me-I happened to have a seat at one of them! They invited me to dance but I wanted to watch a┬ábit. Fascinating, the costumes, and the dancing and the music- I enjoyed it immensely. I felt a bit like Cinderella though, because Francis had sent a taxi to collect me at midnight! And the show was lasting till 2 am. Sometimes, it goes on for 7 hours!! Spanish people know how to party and have fun!! My last night in Lima was all I could have asked for and more!!

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