Budget Cyprus

Budget Cyprus

The last few years have been economically tough for the majority of people. Working hard for seemingly no reward other than to have the ability to pay off another hiked-up bill is never going to bring any joy – though a week or two in the sun, laid by a shimmering sea with the coolest of cocktails in your hand, undoubtedly would. But how to afford such an apparent luxury in these straitened times? There are many affordable destinations out there, and Cyprus, the jewel of the Eastern Mediterranean, is one of the best. Here’s our guide to the best Cyprus holidays on a budget.




Cyprus’s biggest resort, this hugely popular coastal paradise is framed by purple mountains and has a truly beautiful bay with custard-coloured sands and lagoon-like clear waters. If what you’re after is to take to these sands with your book on a daily basis, you won’t have to fork out anything for the privilege. There’s also an array of beach side cafés, selling incredibly reasonably priced local dishes, made with fresh ingredients. If you fancy a break from the arduous process of topping up your tan, you can always take a stroll around Limassol – an ancient town – and see the splendid Roman ruins at no cost, which include an amphitheater dating back to 200 BC. A town this large and popular has a range of accommodations, from hostels to charming B&Bs, so you’re bound to find something to suit a modest budget here.




With a 25 kilometer, blue-flagged beach, a French Riviera-style promenade and legions of reasonably-priced bars and taverns, there’s a wealth of things do in this both ancient and modern city – all at little cost.

 Looking out over the harbor area, there are various places serving up good, cheap Cypriot cuisine in the form of fresh fish mezzes. You can also stock up on various olive breads and fresh, juicy tomatoes, which are great if you want to take your lunch to the beach daily, where you can spend your days lazing gratis.




The big resorts with a wide range of distractions tend to offer a broader choice of budget options, but just because you’re on a budget, it doesn’t mean that you’ll only be able to visit such places. Even with a tighter rein on the purse strings, tranquil and beauteous villages, such as this south-eastern Cypriot gem, are not out of your reach.

Featuring a palm-fringed and coved beach, a free folkloric museum and a way of life that has remained curiously local in the face of mass tourism, Dherinia is a peaceful place that won’t make huge financial demands of you (though it has nightlife nonetheless). If you’re travelling with your family, there are many self-catering budget villas to be had here, too.

Package holidays to any of the places highlighted are most certainly worth checking out, as they can offer flights, hotels and transfers all in one – ideal if you’re travelling as a family.


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