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Brisas de Titicaca and late nights in Lima!

Brisas de Titicaca and late nights in Lima!

So after taking a 5 hour bus back to Lima from Ica, I arrived at the hostel to try to take a nap to recover not sleeping much also the night before in Ica. Francis , the owner of the hostel, suggested I see a show called Brisas de Titicaca, a show with traditional Peruvian […]

I'm here and I'm going non-stop!!

I’m here and I’m going non-stop!!

So my first day in Lima was great. I met a woman on the plane, peruvian, so nice she gave me a ride to my hostel, Albergue Miraflores House in Miraflores., I’m so so glad I decided to stay here.!! I could not have picked a better place to get acquainted with Lima. The owner […]

I've got sand ....everywhere!!

I’ve got sand ….everywhere!!

Today I was awakened at the ungodly hour of 3:30 am to take a bus to Parracas to see the Islas Ballestas , called the ‘poor man’s’ Galapagos. I was met at the bus top by Ricardo , my guide, and he drove me to the dock to catch the boat. En route we saw […]

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