Change has come to Kay Pacha Travels

Change can be a good thing. I believe that.

I’ve made a decision to keep Kay Pacha Travels just about my life in Peru. In case you didn’t know, the word Kay Pacha is a Quechua word (which is an indigenous language native to Peru and Bolivia) and it means ‘this earth’. The problem with having a site with this name is the people on twitter that called me Kay (you know who you are) and in the end I decided long term it just wasn’t a marketable name.

The site will not be going anywhere, in fact I still have stories and photos to share from the first 6 months of last year when I was living in Cusco, and I will be posting stories with lots and lots of photos.

*Cue happy dance*

Another change is that I will be writing posts here in Spanish. Yup. Try not to jump out of your chair with excitement. If you speak spanish, I’ll be looking forward to your comments in Spanish. If you don’t speak Spanish, well- you’ll be learning, right?

What do you think about posting in another language besides English? Any success with that on any of your sites? 


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  1. Erica says:

    I try to post in Japanese once in a while, but that usually only lasts about 3 days until I decide I should try harder and start again… only to end in 3 days… and thus the vicious cycles continues 😉

    • Mica says:

      I need to get the accents right on the letters so lets see how it goes, for me it doesnt have to be that perfect especially having the other site I need to write for both. I can’t even begin to imagine posting in Japanese. You are awesome in my book.

  2. Michi says:

    I think it’s awesome that you’ll be posting in Spanish! Whenever David and I have to look anything up, the most available info is always in English, and guess who ends up doing most of the reading?! 😉

    So your site will no longer be called Kay Pacha?? I love its meaning though!! Off topic, but I remember going to Guatemala and learning that Guatemala means “land of the trees”, which I thought was really cool, especially since Spaniards had jaded it for me with the saying “de Guatemala, a Guatepeor…” Now I can tell them it actually means “tierra de los arboles”. Bah!

    But like you said, change can be good, and I’m looking forward to your new and upcoming bilingual site. Un beso, guapa! 😉

    • Mica says:


      The Peru stuff will remain here and it will remain as Kay Pacha, but everything else moved over to travelthisearth dot com! I need to get the spanish keyboard!

      So funny I also know that saying but we say, ” De Guatamal a Guatapeor. I did not know that Guatemala meant land of the trees. I’m glad you liked the name. And thanks for never calling me Kay jaja

      Un beso para ti tambien :-)