Day 1 Lares Trek-Out of breath-literally

*****Day 1: here´s the lowdown:
An early morning start (6am) allows us the best possible views of our incredible mountainous surroundings, dotted with rural villages throughout. The Sacred Valley was the heart of the Inca civilization from the 14th to 15th centuries, and many people still farm in this lush, expansive valley. Our hike begins in the village Qeshwarani, from which we begin our leisurely pace through the valley of Cuncani, before the high pass of Cuncani we will eat our picnic lunch. After lunch we continue on our path to the highland village of Cuncani, our destination for tonight. From our campsite, we will have stunning views of snow-capped Colque Cruz.*******

So today after 4 hours of restless sleep I woke up at 5:30am to get ready to be picked up by my GAP guide at 6am…peruvian time..except that I thought they had forgotten me by 6:15 I was quite nervous. Turns out that they had a huge bus that couldnt pass through the small streets and they had to hire a taxi to come get me! After getting on the bus was informed we´d be making several stops to pick up more people in our group. On the bus already was an irish couple who were on their honeymoon.aww. We stopped again to collect the others, and then off we went by bus to our destination. It took 5 hours by bus to reach it. By then all I wanted to do was sleep. No chance. It was cloudy and cold and we started hiking with the walking stick I had so gratefully bought last minute. maybe it was the fact that i slept little but boy was thie hiking hard. Made harder by the fact that the altitude was ever higher as we kept walking. Turns out the honeymooners and another Danish couple had athsma and were huffing and puffing and had to stop every 2 secounds,.who in thier right mind pays money knowing they are unwell to hike those altitudes is beyond me. Thank goodness for the horse, the irish woman got on it and I must admit we were all struggling a bit as well. She and the danish woman took turns riding the horse until we reached the campsite. Wow. Must say the means were first class. We got 3 courses, soup, main course, then dessert. I was so tired and bitchy all I wanted to do was sleep. I tried to be nice until I was told I´d have to wait a bit for some hot water for my bottle that apparently went inside my sleeping bag. So I kinda went psyco on our poor guide Jose and I told him if i was not next in line to get hot water I was going to die. he replied that I was a bit dramatic. Thank goodness for his sense of humor!! So off I went with my water bottle to bed. It was so cold one just sleeps in everything, and then as you get hotter you can start taking off layers!! The others in the group were so animated they started playing charades and shit and I swear by like 11pm I got out of the tent and ran over to the large tent where they all were , in my t-shirt and thermal underwear, and I told them very nicely to keep it down. I then passed out into a coma. Some photos for your viewing pleasure below.

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