Greece Getaways – Make the Most of Your Summer Holiday Moments in Mykonos

Summer Holiday Moments in Mykonos

Greece holidays are great for all sorts of travellers because if the weather, great food, and friendly people don’t make you happy, the magnificent attractions and picturesque Greek towns will. The best part about all this is that even though most of the tourist sites in the region are pricey, you can still enjoy cheap holidays if you want. You simply need to look out for the affordable accommodation spots before you make your reservations, and eat out in the less touristy venues during your stay.

As a traveller, there are many destinations you can head to across the globe; but if an unforgettable summer adventure is what you are after, Mykonos should be top on your list. From its perfect beaches and hotels to its charming streets and historical sites, Mykonos offers everything in one package. This explains why the quaint town is known to be one of Greece’s glitziest destinations.

If you are looking to enjoy something other than the town’s crazy nightlife, here are ideas on some of the amazing places you can go to.

Paradise and Ftelia Beaches

Every person who tours Greece looks forwards to taking pleasure in its stunning beaches where some sun, sand, and beach parties are always guaranteed. Paradise beach is just one spot that can provide you with all these as it has a diving centre which doubles up as a clubbing venue at night. If you prefer a shoreline with fewer party goers and less thumping music however, you might want to head to Ftelia beach which is nice and clean, and less frequented by tourists.

Little Venice

This scenic section of Mykonos is named so because it houses medieval structures that totter right at the edge of the water. Several serene cafés and boutiques are to be found in Little Venice, and these provide great relaxation spots for tourists who simply want some peace and quiet during their holiday.

Matoyianni Street

When travelling, most people love to carry back home something that can remind them of the beautiful times they had while on holiday. Luckily, there are more than enough places from which you can shop for knickknacks in Mykonos. Apart from the charming views you will take in while strolling along Matoyianni Street, you can shop around for souvenirs and jewellry among other items while here. Basically, the street has everything on offer; so what you may or may not get purely depends on how much money you have in the pocket.

Aegean Museums

History buffs can just never have enough when it comes to antiques and if you’re one, you wouldn’t want to miss out on seeing the great pieces of art that Mykonos museums have in store. Consider stopping by the Aegean Maritime museum and you will get mesmerised by the private collection of old ship models and other maritime antiques. Optionally, you can go to the Folklore Museum or the Archaeological Museum of Mykonos where you will spot an old building with wonderful pottery and historical objects on display.

Greece is definitely a hot destination to visit, so much beauty everywhere! For more Greek adventure stories, click here.

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  1. Cristy says:

    Such a beauty! I never thought that Mykonos displays a magnificent ambiance for an adventure. Athens was actually part of my travel list probably a year or two but I could help myself by dropping by at this wonderful place. Thanks for sharing this!

  2. Craig says:

    Mykonos is such a beautiful place, I absolutely want to visit there someday. Great pictures, makes me even more eager.

  3. Dewan says:

    Mykonos according to me is a great place for me to get things done in appropriate and right manner.