Heat, cold, hail-snow…..all in one day!!!

**Day 3 & 4 Here’s the Lowdown**

Today we will have ample photo opportunities: our gentle path is covered in Andean flora, and animals such as llamas and alpacas are fairly commonplace. If we’re lucky, we might even catch a glimpse of Andean geese, puna ibis, Andean cara caras or condor. We will feel welcomed by the warm Quechua people, whose homeland we have the rare opportunity to see firsthand. The traditional dress and lifestyle of these people is both fascinating and enticing to outsiders. Our descent takes us through the spectacular valley of Patacancha, where everything remains as it has since ancient times. After our five-hour hike, we reach the town of Patacancha, where we eat lunch and wait for our private bus to take us to Ollantaytambo, we catch the train for an incredibly scenic ride to Agua Calientes, where we will spend the night in a hotel.

-Todays hike was very peaceful and easy compared to the last 2 days. We hiked mostly downhill and straight instead of up. THe weather was beautiful, nice and sunny. Today we saw lots of children as well and we were almost out of stuff to give them. We were giving away the stuff they gave us for our snacks!! Even though youre not suposed to give candy and such as the children dont do alot of teeth brushing. But it was heartwarming to see the looks on thier faces when you gave them a small toy or a couple of coloring pencils. The last day for me was the most senic day.

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