Last night in Lima:Tattoo Parlors, smokes and late night piscos

Shopping, eating chicken & avocado sandwiches, looking for the tatoo parlour, getting inked, getting stuffed with food, getting drunk and smoking on the roof  of the hostel. What a great night. And, I got 2 new travel tattoos!!!!!

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  1. Aly says:

    Nice choice in colors; I like it.

    I kept joking last year that I would end up getting a tattoo of the Andean staff God on my right shoulder while down there. This year, it might not be a joke. 😉

    Who did you use?

    • Mica says:

      I went with a guy near parque kennedy but unfortunately I think he moved to the states with a girlfriend the year before last. I am getting them redone with a friend of a friend in Puno-now drawing a blank on his name but when I remember I will let you know! So damn cheap in Peru to do tattoos! Come to Puno and get one! I’m getting 3 of mine touched up soon.