Surviving the rainy season in Cusco

I’ve never lived at such a high altitude as I did when I lived in Cusco. While the high altitude did not bother me, one thing that threw me for a loop was the lack of activities during the rainy/slow season.

Some of my favorite restaurants were closed and between the cold weather and the lack of my favorite western food I was having trouble keeping myself busy. The internet in my apartment came and went just like the winter storms. At times when I had the best of connections I could imagine Mike with his ipad online at sites like, ‘taking other people’s money’ or something like that. He spends all day playing poker online. I can think of some other ways to pass the time in the rainy season.

There is a Casino in Cusco called Mystic Slot. It has over 50 slot machines which is plenty of space for you to spend your soles. You could also take day trips out to the Salt ponds at Maras. Also interesting is the 2nd largest festival in South America which is held in Puno called Candelaria.

Discover new food holes! This is one of the best times to discover new places to eat since you can’t head to your favorite haunts (oh Los Perros, you are missed.) Take a stroll with an umbrella to a new corner. Try something new!

During the early months I also sneaked away several times to a small beach side town to bask in the heat and relax among the locals in Mollendo, and there is also a park to spot wildlife just a short bus ride away. Don’t forget to head to the abandoned castle and watch the sun set if you’re not afraid of the dark!

Enjoy some local food beach side after your day of sunbathing.

Living in Peru comes with so many perks so don’t let the rainy season get you down. It’s all about improvising and making the most of your time. What secret spots have you carved out to escape the rainy season?

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  1. Ayngelina says:

    Yeah I have to say the rain really becomes a drag. It starts to get cold and you don’t want to go out.