Taking it easy in Cuzco

So after sleeping 3 hours for the past 3 days straight and waking up at ungodly hours, I awoke again at the ungodly hour of 4 am to take a taxi to the Lima airport for my flight to Cuzco. My flight was about 45 minutes, spent talking to a teacher about his internet girlfriend. The time flew! I was a bit nervous that someone would not be waiting for me at the airport, but when I went to claim my backpack,(which took 2 seconds) I went outside and there are so many signs with people´s names on it! I spotted my name and I must say I was pretty happy. So off we went to my hotel, which has a beautiful courtyard and lots and lots of hot water. Not that I was not having any, all the hostels I’ve stayed at have had hot water. So after calling my mom I went to my cold cold room to try to sleep a couple of hours, which was hard,I think its the altitude here didn’t let me sleep too well. Maybe the fact I had like 10 pounds of blankets on me, i was smooshed!! I tossed and turned for like 3 hours. Note to self: the key is to just lay there for a bit and rest. Not sleep, since it might throw off my time rhythm.

Around 12:30 I figured, what the heck might as well get up and explore Cuzco. Although when I arrived at the hotel they had a nice cup of coca tea waiting for me. I like the tea, it looks like water with bay leaves!!  Hey , if they say drink it to avoid the altitude sickness then I am all for it. So after arranging my horseback ride tomorrow to Pisac, I set off with a map and rough directions of how to get to the Plaza de Armas. When I got there, I was in awe, so beautiful is Cuzco!! All around the plaza were balconies where you could sit and watch the goings on in the Plaza. I went to Baghdad Cafe where I had a spot to sit and took some video. After my meal of coca tea, and salad with avocado, chicken, queso blanco, and tomatoes, I took off  first stop the Cathedral, which took almost 100 years to build. Its sooo oo beautiful. Its one of the city´s greatest repositories of colonial art. I saw The Last Supper with the famous cuy(guinea pig) in the middle, adjacent is the church of Jesus Maria, where I lit a candle for my mother, and El Triunfo,Cuzco´s oldest church containing the vault of the famous Inca historian Garcilaso de la Vega, born in Cuzco in 1539. I also walked down the largest of 2 of cuzco´s streets, Avenida El Sol, on my way to Qorikancha, an Inca site which forms the base of the colonial church of Iglesia de Santo Domingo.It does have impressive stonework  So Qorikancha means ‘golden courtyard’ because in Inca times it was literally covered in gold. It was not only used for religious rites but was also a major observatory from which priests monitored all celestial activities. I’ve been lucky enough to get into these places with student rate. I guess I still look that young!! Enjoy the pictures.!!

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