Walking Down Ancient Rhodes

Walking Down Ancient Rhodes


History, ancient architecture and holidays go hand-in-hand on Rhodes. The Greek island is eternally popular with tourists, especially with such good deals available from places like Coop Travel. But, money and deals aside, there is an allure about the island, stemming from the past.

Walking through the towns and villages is one of the best ways to appreciate its beauty; it allows for time to take everything in.

We have therefore taken a look at a selection of typical roads found on Rhodes that showcase its historic appeal.

Image courtesy of Saumil Shah on Flickr


Rhodes Old Town is a maze of such streets and roads.

It really does give a sense of going back in time, to when things were more simple and certainly more sedate in the case of Rhodes.

Image courtesy of Sarita King on Flickr

These used to be working windmills in Old Town Rhodes. They lined the way to the old Colossus, an ancient wonder of the world that sadly no longer stands.

Image courtesy of cameraman2009 on Flickr

There is also a lot of greenery to be found along the paths. This is especially the case around the ancient monuments – adding to their beauty.

Image courtesy of tazbabeslotus on Flickr

It is also down these ancient streets and narrow paths that tourists will find charming little local businesses. Small shops selling food, trinkets and other such bits are commonplace down such roads.

Image courtesy of sumbucashot on Flickr


Of course it is not all about dated buildings although influences of the past are prevalent in a lot of the modern architecture. Here in Rhodes Town the modern arcs take their inspiration from those of monuments of old.


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